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2020: Let’s be (Eco) Friendly To Our Earth.

2020 eco friendly

A new year has come to us, and along with it, a new decade as well. We’re fresh starting on 2020, shaking off the dust and ready to give it all, but we’re also looking back with a sort of happy nostalgia to the memories that made our past decade (and still a bit confused at the fact that the year 2000 was 20 years ago). Creating and setting goals, while thinking about better seasons to come, is an action we should do as it helps us to look hopeful at this future ahead, knowing we’ll do our best.

However, when it comes to make plans, what would happen if we set a little action or new habit that could cause a positive impact in our planet? It may sound naïve to say that certain shifts in our lifestyle can create a change, but in reality, bringing our part (or planting our seed) for a greener, healthier environment will only motivate others to do the same, as we can learn that it doesn’t take a drastic move (or to run away into the woods) to give back towards our lovely Earth. Actually, these things can start to improve our life.

So, where do we start with? Here we present you 5 tips, but there are many more ways to reduce the consequences of hazardous agents and chemicals into the atmosphere:

  • Unless necessary, replace your car trip with a bike ride: Using a bicycle as your vehicle means a benefit for the ozone layer, as your car won’t produce the common gas emissions (a reduction on air pollution); and you’ll be also helping your body: it’s been known bikeriding is an amazing cardio workout.
  • Don’t overuse plastic water bottles: Plastic is truly the most flexible and versatile material to carry food and drinks; but it’s also a dangerous one for your health and the nature’s. With BPA (Bisphenol A) being one of its main ingredients, the exposure to this chemical can cause hormonal and immunological disorders, besides what could be an irreparable pollution into our oceans and water sources, since they’ve been used as landfills for plastic (BPA damages the marine species as well). To help minimize its negative effects, you can replace your plastic bottle with stainless steel or aluminum bottles, as these materials have a long lifespan without using BPA; or you can also use a timeless method: glass bottles.
  • Add some organic into your diet: Even though we know they tend to be a bit more pricey, organic food (fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat) does have great outcomes for you and the environment. When it comes to our natural resources (soil, air and water) organically-raised products use natural, lower amounts of pesticides; so there’s less soil and air pollution, besides a better water distribution for the crops. On health terms, you’ll receive much less exposure to chemicals and a fresher flavor, as if they’re planted at local farms, the products won’t need preservatives.
  • Join into the recycling wave: We’ve heard before the famous 3 R’s (reuse, reduce, recycle) and seen the “plastic, paper, glass” trash cans, but it goes beyond a trend as it can actually mean a difference. When we stop throwing away the trash into a common landfill and separate/organize our wastes, the materials can end into companies that alter them to reuse them, which means they won’t have to create the components all over again. The lifecycle of the product keeps going until its very end, meaning a reduction on pollution; and you’ll contribute to keep the garbage at its minimum, so why not joining a local recycling group? Or creating one if you don’t see any.
  • Buy eco-friendly products: Inside our previous Christmas post “This Christmas, You Should Give An Eco-Friendly Gift” we talked about the support you’re giving to the Earth with eco-friendly presents, but you shouldn’t stop when the Christmas season is over! Treat yourself and our nature properly, and invest on some eco-friendly goods. At Carved Nature, we believe in the importance of reusing but also improving the quality, and every product we have shows that: Whether they’re made from recycled materials, save energy and water use when applying them, or they’re made from botanical/natural ingredients, eco-friendly products give you exactly what you’re looking for, without compromising our wildlife and flora.

    Now, maybe you’re thinking about why it is so important to act and do these simple actions, or taking them as 2020 resolutions, and it’s simple: We need to be aware and conscious about the planet we live in. Our earth is the most magnificent gift there ever is, as its benefits and resources for us don’t have an end, but our mistreatment and abuse has caused damages into our weather, animals, plants and lands.

    Climate change is truer than what we think, but even though we can’t control the huge portion of the overall cause (like fossil fuels), our seemingly small steps pave the way. We can become change agents and go towards bigger goals (participating as activists and informing our community), but why don’t we start with the things we do have a voice in?

    On 2020, we should care for ourselves, for others, and for the big blue and green house we all live in, our planet.





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