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This Christmas, You Should Give An Eco-Friendly Gift.

Christmas gift

And here’s why.

They say it’s the happiest, most wonderful time of the year, and it truly is, actually: Families and friends gathering around together, a sense of warmth and kindness from the people around you, the exquisitely delicious food that comes with the season, and the unique, amazing gifts you can give and receive from your loved ones.

However, it’s also the time where we spend the most throughout the year, undeniably. Don’t get us wrong, it’s the perfect moment to shop ‘til you drop and to find that special thing your friend will love during the next year; but do we even know what we’re buying? Where it comes from, its ingredients, or how it’s manufactured? Most common answer is that we don’t have a clue, and that knowledge can make a difference when it comes to our planet’s climate situation.

The products we buy and wrap in a shiny envelope could contain additives or potentially toxic chemicals, be created in factories which processes cause pollution (by air, land or water), or become almost impossible to recycle once discarded, as their degradation can take up to decades. This affects our Earth as all these actions, repeated over and over again, only accelerate a real problem for us: global warming.

We agree and firmly believe on the phrase that has recently gained popularity: There is no planet B. Our ecosystems, our environment as a whole, all that nature has to offer us is a precious gift, but one that we must be responsible for and take care of. We won’t be able to “repair” oceans if they become a deadly mass of substances, or to clean up the air if this turns into a massive gas balloon; and without clean water and fresh air, how could we assure our health and furthermore, our future, if these are our primal needs?

Luckily, we live in an era where mankind is starting to be aware of the consequences originated by the abuse of natural resources; so now, with the intention to stop the damage and restore the greenery of our home, it’s been developing products with an innovative asset: they’re eco-friendly. And we hear the term a lot, but what does it mean when something, anything, is “Eco-Friendly” made?

To give you the scoop in a few words, it indicates (and when it counts with labels, it certifies) that the object doesn’t harm the environment: It hasn’t caused pollution on its fabrication, it doesn’t affect basic natural sources when used, it’s been made out of recycled materials, or it includes an organically disposable package. With more than one of these characteristics, it can be considered eco-friendly.

And there’s a good twist about this: Eco-friendly products not only help Earth’s wildlife and vegetation, but yourself as well! Its purchase and application can turn into significant improvements for you and your loved ones’ wellbeing. Now, we tell you some of its benefits:

  • Long-lasting equals to money-saving: The products we tend to buy doesn’t last as much as we wish; they’re commonly made with poor-quality materials which are easy to obtain and low-cost procedures. Eco-friendly products, on the other hand, apply organic or renovated materials; along with a responsible fabrication (many times they’re even handmade).

Your Christmas gift could be a bit pricey, but you’re giving to those you love the chance to save money, as they won’t have to replace it in a long time.

  • Little details create a healthier life: Some products are of everyday use, like shampoos, creams and makeup. But these ones can contain harmful chemicals in the packaging or in the product itself, such as lead, bisphenol A (known as BPA) and mica; which excessive employment can result in respiratory or autoimmune diseases.

When you give an eco-friendly gift, made with organic ingredients (no additives, colorants or other substances), you contribute and help to preserve your receiver’s health as he or she won’t be exposed to toxins; besides assuring them all the amazing qualities of Earth’s goods (e.g.: sulfate-free shampoos, paraben free makeup, skincare made with plants and flowers…).

  • More side benefits, less side effects: With the green wave carried by eco-friendly products, there are now countless benefits, as these things not only are safe for the environment. Eco-friendly brands tend to be organic in their materials, cruelty-free on their testing and support fair trade; their production usually aims to slow down common industrial procedures and avoid the use of chemical byproducts (these extra aspects depend on the brand, of course).

An eco-friendly gift not only helps the planet and the person opening it, it also gives a hand into good, honest and fair causes; a little opportunity to give back on this Christmas.

And of course, eco-friendly products are made thinking about our planet, so it helps to preserve the environment and to do the minimum-to-zero impact towards it.

You can make the difference on this Christmas, and give more than just a gift to the person you love. With certified eco-friendly products, your purchase turns into a good action for the land and a back-to-naturals move in many cases, nurturing so the body and soul.

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